#30days30posts: Something’s Brewing

I’ve been tardy. Yes, I’ll wait while you look it up and get a cup of coffee if you don’t mind. Also, who sets out to write for 30 days straight and almost gives up on day 13? Tsk, tsk.

Ok. Welcome back. I’ve been busy dealing with the voices in my head and the looks cast my way for listening to my voices. I’ve done a lot, life wise but precious little blog wise.

My biggest strength is the fact that I can do anything I set my mind to. Anything. 

My biggest weakness, it therefore follows, is the fact that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

If you read that statement twice, you can read it quite differently. It’s in that difference of inflection and enunciation that lies my life’s sore spot. I work myself into a state of analysis paralysis considering an idea, beautifying it, perfecting it (because perfection is a noble goal, although we’ll never ever achieve it) and not doing it because it isn’t right yet. I haven’t been ready for anything in my life so the past month has been me, talking to myself late into the night- so that I can convince myself that just because I am not ready, YOU guys are. So something is brewing. Something’s afoot and I hope you like it. You’ll find it here and here, if we’re covering all our bases. Stay tuned for the big reveal, soon. I really hope it’s soon and that you enjoy it.


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