#30days30posts: What an Ugly World

“It’s ugly here in my world,” she said as she turned her head swiftly and looked away from his piercing gaze. “I’m different, so the world is afraid of me and no one wants me.”
“Jaya–“, he sighed her name and reached out to hold her face beyond the dark black, silky curtain of her hair, “You’ve got to understand, I don’t care how ugly the world wants you to be, I want YOU.”

Jaya’s shoulders slumped as she listened to Jared go on, and on, about how he loved her and only her. She was tired of it all and most of all, she missed Naya. She and Naya had been inseparable from birth and Jaya had grown accustomed to being her sister’s shadow. Being with Jared was beautiful but it wasn’t the same. She always felt like a part of her was perpetually missing and longed for the day she would be able to see her Naya again and breathe her in.

When they discovered her ability, she had had to go into hiding but the other side was calling out her name and she could only suppress it for a couple of hours before it flared out in flagrante. Naya had turned quite pale the first transformation and after Jaya shifted back, she had said she was afraid she would hurt her when she was in animagool form. Jaya had burst into angry, hot tears at that point; she was afraid what Naya said would actually be true.

“Jaya, have you drifted off again?”, Jared asked as Jaya snapped back to the present moment. She hoped her eyes didn’t look glassy, a dead giveaway when she was daydreaming. Right now she felt like one of the cows at a Rearing Lab in the GreenDorms with Jared as her own special egret. Only that, he was pecking at her and not doing anything constructive to keep the ticks of life at bay. Most times, when she was with Jared, the world stopped being ugly and mean and she could bear living in it at least.

She looked up to find Jared glaring at her in the sad, angry way only he could do. Before she could even break away from his gaze, they heard the first of the City sirens shrieking. At once, they were on their feet, hands already reaching for their weapons’ packs, readjusting armour and monocles simultaneously.

#30days30posts: Mirror in Tulana

Naya blinked away her tears and moved to sheath her ceremonial sword, swiftly and stubbornly. She always remembered her father and mother when she caught sight of herself in uniform. They were gentle souls who worked in the Cropping Labs all their lives and never, ever had a harmful thought towards anyone else.

Her Dada was a great scientist; very quiet but brilliant too. Mama was great too, she was always smiling shyly but very industrious. She died first, in her sleep, then Dada followed heartbroken to be without her, one month later. Naya and Jaya were orphaned at the tender age of twelve and left to fend for themselves. They were the last of the organic humans. The Tulana High Council had passed the order to start introducing genetically engineered human beings to the population.

“Some stupid law to do with immortality and efficiency,” Naya thought to herself angrily. Naya could barely disguise her disappointment and unease as she interacted with some of these geno-humans. She always felt like there was something always missing, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was exactly. As she prepared to walk into the Banda Ballroom for the Great Tulana Assembly, she squared her shoulders and steeled her jaw because she knew she, Lieutenant Hedonaya Jiwena of the Royal Tulan Defense Forces, was about to be promoted to Major; the first of her class to bypass the Captain’s rank completely and head up a major platoon. She was nervous because she had recently discovered that she could shapeshift too.

The twitch she had seen in the mirror wasn’t a normal twitch. It was a sign. “I hope I can control this.”, She thought as her brow furrowed in concentration and moved to awkwardly adjusted her epaulet and headdress.

#30days30posts Birthday Special

She wakes up, yawns and stretches lazily. Looks at the blinking blue light on her phone. So many birthday messages to go through, so many missed calls. “Since I already showered last night, I’ll give that a miss today.” she muses wickedly to herself and thinks back on the last 31 years of missed showers, happiness, and fairies.

She drags herself to the bathroom, gets the water running and yelps; “Forgot to switch on the instant shower again” she muses to herself, “Must be old age finally catching up with me.”

As she soaps herself up, she thinks about Tomorrowland. The parties, the beer, the food and most of all, the people. It looks like it’s going to be one of the best experiences of her life. Only time will tell. She is looking forward to her birthday lunch with her biker friends too.

birthday cake


This post is a few months late, but time does fly when you’re having fun🙂🙂 more posts to come

#30days30posts: Danielo’s Lover

After last week’s STI debacle in Liet Wan, Beauty had suspended all hanky panky with her man. And by hanky panky we do mean, the sweet kisses Danielo used to steal from her when he thought he was being sly. She believed in the Great Wait.

At the ramshackle church deep in Liet Wan, they advised their sisters to wait unto marriage for it was a curse they would have to endure for the rest of their earthly lives. Sex was treated like an anathema in Liet Wan. “Like those old biddies thought the rest of us shouldn’t have it just because they didn’t enjoy being slapped around once in a while.”Beauty thought to herself.

Beauty had gossiped with Pamela once the Gono-Lines started to form outside the dispensary with all the fly Liet Wan hunnies wringing their hands and panties alternately, ruing the day they ever had pre-marital relations with the no-good hood boys- wasee wa mtaa. They had cackled with glee as they watched some young lass try to walk sideways after her shot at the clinic.  They were collectively Judge and Jury in this matter. Omondi on the other hand, was down in the doldrums lately; Beauty was wondering if he too was part of the Gono-Gang.

“There you go kids. Always rubber up.” beauty thought to herself as she listened to yet another customer ask Pamela for pineapple juice.

#30days30posts: The Shift

The Great Tulana assembly happened every few quarter centuries and Naya was getting ready for her first one. As a Lieutenant in the Royal Tulan Defense Forces, the ceremonial dress was…elaborate. To say the least.

Times like these, she missed the once carefree girl she had once been. She remembered running through the GreenDorms at the Cropping labs with Jaya. She and Jaya looked uncannily alike. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that’s where the similarity ended. Hedonaya was the benevolent dictator whereas Hijaya was the autonomous tyrant. Jaya was headstrong, passionate and had a very short fuse. Naya was very calm, more even tempered and deeply empathetic.

But with Jaya always gone, her temper was frayed at its very thin edges. She was tired. All the time. Jaya’s free spirit always had an uplifting effect on her mood. She was constantly down in the doldrums and her cadets were afraid of her. her. Sweet Naya who always had a kind word for the soldiers she led was turning into a monster.

She remembered the days before she got conscripted into RTDF. When she’d just found out Jaya was a shapeshifter. She was intrigued and then that gave way to fear. She knew what the High Council did to those who were different from them. They were terminated.

The Living Orb of Tulan was a rigid little stress ball somewhere in the universe where being different was frowned upon. For days, she and Jaya hid out together and tried to get the shifting under control together. Then they made the decision, together, to have Jaya “mysteriously disappear”. A few weeks later, when Naya had gone to the Cropping Labs where she was assigned, she noticed the geno-human pair looking at her strangely from the other side of the Central Walkway leading to the labs.

She paid it no mind until her friend Kat came to visit her in her quarters and told her they were looking for Jaya. She hadn’t been to her station in days and a termination crew had been seen sniffing around. To cover herself and of course, Jaya, Naya quickly applied to join the RTDF to escape the Cropping Labs. Their parents were long gone and all they had was their bond with each other.

Naya clipped her meagre medals just above her left breast and stared deeply into the mirror. Her reflection wavered a bit. So small was the movement, she might have missed it had she blinked.

#30days30posts Conversations about Religion

Back in my salad days, I was a very intellectual, facutal debater. Not this rambunctious girl you see before you, that rides a motorcyle, cuts her hair and mouths off to authority. I started an online discussion with a friend after he posted some questions about religion. 

Would you like some proof? Read a letter/ discourse I had with a childhood friend about Genesis and Evolution and how the world was created:

Dear Andrew,
I have read your note with a lot of interest, I have a few suggestions but they are not final, that is, they are not the ultimate most correct and final answer but an attempt at providing an insight that may ease the disquiet in your heart. I am a Christian of no particular denomination, rather I prefer to commune with fellow Christians, not at pre-determined places or days but whenever I need to. I do keep the Sabbath Holy, in that, I do not engage in any sort of profit-making but take time out to enjoy creation and contemplate my existence. I take the time to find my purpose for being here on Earth and the best way of fulfilling that purpose in veneration to God.
Firstly, have you tried seeing the Bible as a unit, a holistic representation of the narration of the creation and existence of the world as we know it today, instead of breaking it down into the numerous books by individual writers? This would greatly aid you when interpreting the Bible. Remember it is God’s word, I understood this from Sunday school to mean that the different writers were inspired by the Man Himself to write the Great Book. So it’s like reading a book written by one person with numerous themes. What is the main purpose of writing about events past?
For your first question, I would like you to try a simple exercise; enumerate the creation process from start to finish with great care. Here is my attempt (Please do your own, no cheating)
1.God creates Day and Night; note here that God differentiates between Darkness and Light; for me, this is a symbolic separation of Good from evil. Summarily, we can see the preceding verses state that before this point in time “…the earth was without form and darkness was on the face of the deep…”
2.God creates Heaven and separates it from everything else.
3.God creates the Earth, proper, as well as reproducing plants.
4.God creates the Sun, Moon, and Stars; where the Sun helps us tell when it is daytime, the Moon helps us tell when it is night and the stars to indicate the changes in the seasons, and to light up the Earth. Christians revile all that is associated with darkness and aspire to the Light. Further, Jesus Christ is referred to as the “…Light and the Way…”
5.God creates the creatures that dwell in the seas and oceans.
6.God creates the creatures that roam the Earth and the first human beings, Adam and Eve.
7.God rested on the seventh day, he sanctified it and made it holy and later on in the book of Genesis instructed Adam to do the same on every seventh day.
So, finally to answer your first question, why did God create both male and female in chapter one yet in chapter two it says that man was created first and then woman came after when God realized that Adam needed a helper in Eden? I think that Chapter One is sort of like an executive summary then Chapter Two is a more detailed description of the whole creation process. Reference: Gen. Chap. 2 v.4. This verse actually states that this is a history, that is, a retelling of what has already passed.
For your second question, as to how the plants created on day 3 survived without light up until day 4 without the sun; I answer your question with a couple of questions, were these plants that were created, made in a state when they were already mature or were they still seeds in the soil? How long does it take for the average plant to germinate? How long before the shoot turns upward in search for the light? Do all plants photosynthesize? Do all plants require light for photosynthesis?

Remember from v 16 onwards, the Sun and Moon were created to help differentiate between day and night; so there was light in the form of day and the Sun was created to help us differentiate between day and night, therefore, how do you think those plants survived?
On the other hand, a quagmire is created and I understand your predicament in question two. I will pose some more questions at this juncture; Who is God? How do you view Him? What are His capabilities? Has He any limits? Does He really exist? What is God’s nature?
Reference: http://www.newadvent.org/summa/1002.htm; this is a site that lists the greatest works of St. Thomas Aquinas- The 5 Ways of proving the Existence of God; it may be too philosophical but give it a shot. Unto my last point, have you realized that the great Creator may have some aspects of His Nature that are divinely mysterious and those that are divine revelations?
For your third question, the light mentioned on Day One was actually in reference to the separation into Day and Night while that referred to in Day Four was the creation of the heavenly bodies that aided in a further distinction between day and night.
For your fourth question, actually there’s more than one question-someone has a problem with semantics?! I will again answer you with more questions, What is the Sabbath? What did God signify by setting this day aside in the manner that He did? How is human nature different from God’s nature? This should help you answer why we have a rest day and why God rested yet he did not need to. As to why we worship on Sunday instead of on the Sabbath, How sure are you that Sunday is not the Sabbath? How sure are you that it is? How sure are you that Monday is not the Sabbath?
Reference: http://www.sabbathtruth.com/history/History _of_the_Sabbath.pdf with extra emphasis on page 7, the rest of the document just gives a good background on the evolution of the Sabbath over time.
For your fifth question, as to how Noah got all those creatures onto the Ark, blah, blah, blah. Reference: Gen. Chap. 7 v 2 Noah was told the particular number and type of animal to take. How they were able not to hunt each other on the Ark, is anyone’s guess- Did Noah have a system? Did he have a way with animals, the way some of us have a way with plants? Was it the grace of God that settled on the boat and made everything alright?

Do you believe in evolution? Do you think the theory of evolution can be used in tandem with the Word of God to explain our existence and in fact, the existence of everything around us? If you believe this, do you think the flood was post or pre- evolution, bearing in mind that evolution did not occur at one point in time but it was gradual and occurred at different times for different species of flora and fauna and of course for human beings?
I have to think bout the rest and read the bible a bit more but surely this helps….
Much Love,

#30days30posts: A Liet Wan Special- Fire Burn Dem

Liet Wan was on fire. Not literally; but it had caught fire in July 2005. Literally.

No. This time, Liet Wan was ablaze and under siege from a gonorrhea epidemic. It had all started when Ras Joh (the university student formerly known as Joe the Barbarian) the mkokoteni  (hand-cart) pusher had bounded up the ramshackle steps, and barrelled, into the tiny dispensary on the edge of Liet Wan. Ras was a peace loving irie man, so this passionate behaviour was rather uncharacteristic of him. Also they say vegetarian, dreadlock rastas are as meek as lambs.

Soon thereafter, Wandege was heard caterwauling from the communal toilet at their plot 10. It wasn’t a secret that Ras Joh’s erstwhile wife was now entertaining their next door neighbour but still occasionally the clutches of the past were never truly forgotten. Her little walk and tumble down memory lane with Ras had now landed both men and their alternate partners in literal hot pepper soup.

Ras had all the damsels in the Village all hot and bothered too. What self respecting, village beauty wouldn’t be drawn to his muscled bod and boyish good looks and charm, like moths to a flame? You know you’re going to get burned but you head in that direction anyway. Pretty soon, a queue snaked its way right out of the dispensary and almost interfered with the queue at the Posho Mill where Beauty worked.

Pamela, Omondi and Beauty were left mouths agape as they watched some of the village hunnies and hussies crab walk all around Liet Wan. All manner of girls in varying degrees of discomfort walked up to Pamela’s mama mboga stand to request for either cabbage juice, fresh cranberry juice or natural yoghurt. Poor lasses thought they just had chlamydia. Now we know who was awake in Know your Body class. Omondi watched in wonder as Ras continued with life as usual. As if he hadn’t casually lit a match and thrown it into a well of kerosene. Now Omondi would have to prey on girls from another settlement.

Beauty was just bemused by the obtuseness of people. Like you really couldn’t get a rubber to use in the heat of the moment. Some people’s parents should have visited a Manny Dopes clinic before they decided to have offspring. She sighed and continued with her back grinding work. She didn’t want to cross the supervisor’s path. Not today.